Friday, 13 July 2012

...Norwich City bunting

I have been making bunting recently for a variety of reasons (more to follow).  As part of Dan's Norwich City themed birthday gifts I made him some 'Norwich City' bunting. 

This is one of those wonderful moments when you think of something you want to make, go into your materials and ribbons to find out that, gloriously, you have all the right stuff and it looks lovely.  Once again, bless my love of (obsession for) saving stuff!

... a mini football hat

Dan is a Norwich Fan.  A fact I have heard a lot about recently as they went up to the Premiership last year and we (meaning Nottingham Forest) didn't.

Because I am not bitter (much) I support Dan's love of Norwich City and this year for his birthday made him a number of things to help him with his support regime.  This mini football supporters hat was one of them.  For an alternative view Dan drew it yesterday have a peek - #232 birthday hat

As those of you who follow my making habits I love a good mini hat (mini jesters hat, pixie hats, mini fez, wooly hats).  For those of you who also love a mini hat and can wield a crochet hook / knitting needles it is time to get producing mini hats for The Big Knit.  A lovely coincidence is that this hat, as well as being the perfect accessory for any Norwich City fan is also the right size for an Innocent bottle.  If you are now wondering what the heck I am talking about click the Big Knit link above and find out - it's ace!

If you are itching to get started on your own crochet hats feel free to download the pattern (my ask is that in payment you make a few hats from of it for the Big Knit - thanks):

... a kneeler

So without giving too much away I think I can reveal Dan has been doing a whole load of drawngs in his studio.  As he is an old man now (he was 38 yesterday) his knees have been suffering a bit!

Kneeler to the rescue....