Saturday, 30 August 2014

...Storage Pots

I love terracotta pots - they are beautiful things. They have a gorgeous colour, texture and look. 

They are also fragile. Unfortunately for all around me I am somewhat prone to dropping things and have made a fine art out of knocking into stuff and consequently I break a bit more than my fair share of the world's goods. This is bad news for my terracotta pots. They end up being fairly frequent victims of my inability to walk in a straight line or see things where they actually are.

As you may by now be aware I am pathologically incapable of throwing anything away. And when it is something I broke I feel a desire to give it a second chance in life as a kind of thankyou/ sorry for its previous service in making my garden beautiful and my unacceptable behaviour towards it.

Hence broken things in our house often get stored for repurposing. I had built up quite a collection of small but broken terracotta pots and as they were on the easy craft list I decided their time had come. For such a simple process it is a great result that really brightens up the greenhouse and makes things easier to store than the mishmash of greehousey stuff i had crammed into various tubs before.

These were super easy to do for my hands and I am really pleased with the results. A real bolt of colour for the greenhouse which I think will be especially cheery when I am out there over the winter!