Tuesday, 25 September 2012

... Lovely ladies - set 2

So, as promised (ok so maybe a little later than promised) the next 4 ladies in the series  I have been making.

Need to blog faster - my making is outstripping my blogging by some way!

My first pair!

10 more pieces for hoops got designed, transfered, applique pieces cut and attatched.  Time to begin the furious sewing!
(All the pieces you can see here are available for sale as of the date of the post at my Etsy shop - if they are not they have sold (hooray) and there will be new, exciting things in there.)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

... lovely ladies

So, last week I promised I would explain why I, seemingly out of the blue made an embroidery lady holding a pie (not that there's anything wrong with this).

A few weeks ago i had the chance to have some time spend making things.  After getting a few jobs done I had on my sewing pile my thoughts started to turn to things I have long wanted to do.  A big one of these is more embroidery work. I love sewing.  I really love sewing, particularly hand sewing and making beautiful things.

I started to learn to sew long before I could do more mundane things like maths and writing, consequently I have had plenty of time to get the practice in!  My undying thanks go out to my Mum who was solely responsible for this wonderment.  She was a needlework teacher before I pursuaded her (though being born) that she wanted to spend time with me instead.  So I was lucky enough to grow up with my own, incredibly clever and talented needlework teacher.  Lucky me!

Thankfully enough of her enthusiam, skill and love of all things crafty rubbed off on me so I can wield a needle and crochet hook in pursuit of lovely handmade things too (although i will never, to my undying sadness be as good at dressmaking as Mum).

Consequently I spent a glorious amount of time as I grew up in sewing departments and habidashery stores as my Mum was purchasing her sewing paraphernalia.  If you have never been in one you have missed a treat (well i think so anyway).  They are places of wonder full of fabrics, buttons, ribbons, sequins, fastenings and all manner of glorious things.  As a child who loved art my particular favourite were the patterns and pattern books containing all the wonderful designs that we could buy and my Mum could make - for me if I was lucky!  I loved the ladies on those patterns.  They are tall, graceful and beautiful and were wearing the most amazing, luxurious clothes.  Now I promise this is not an envy thing but even when I was young it was obvious I was not going to be model or ballerina material.  I don't think I will ever forget the Dr saying if they got a hundred children I would be the smallest or second smallest.  I have, what we call in our family, flatteringly, a 'low slung bum', - my Dad has one too - basically I have very short legs (and in fairness short everything else.  So all people tall and graceful were wonderful to me.

My love of embroidery, patterned fabric and vintage patterns has collided in a pleasing way to make these lovely ladies.  These were the starting point for my journey to pie lady.  Making sense now?   These 3 are the first set - set 2 tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

... Embroidery Lady with a Pie

I am not boasting here but I am better at making than I am at blogging.  At least I should be thankful it is that way round I guess.

If I was better at blogging it would be perfectly obvious to you why I have made the lady above as you would have seen all the other things I have made but I am not good at blogging so you have no idea!

I have been embroidering for a while now, making all sorts of images but the main pieces I have been creating are a series of ladies based on images from vintage sewing patterns or, like this one 1950s adverts.

This lady is very happy with the pie she has made and who can blame her a good pie is a wonderful thing.  She was made as a gift for a friend who, like myself loves food and cooking and I have many fond memories of sharing wonderful feasts with her.

In an effort to explain how we got here I am going to blog the other things I have made over the next few days until we are all caught up and know where we are at (as best as is possible).

I am planning on making a few more things in hoops as I bought 135 of them today. Wow that is going to be a lot of hoops when they arrive!!!