Tuesday, 19 January 2010

...a thing?

Ok I really don't know what this is but there was a bit of sock left after making Calista Fashionista's legs and this little fella sort of happened on Sunday as I was sitting round watching the skiing. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am almost incapable of actually just sitting and watching tv - I often have something else on the go as well. So in between the downhill, some slalom and a bit of bobsleigh (loving Eurosport's winter sports programme) he evolved into something quite cute, if a little pointless. Name anyone?


Calista (or Calista Fashionista to give her her full title) is my newest sock creature, made for my friend Nicky because she has been a bit under the weather recently. Calista is a lover of fashion making her the perfect companion for Nicky as she is too!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

... a crochet hook case

This is my new crochet hook case, I absolutely love it!! Up to now I have been keping my hooks in a funny little case I made when I first started crocheting. It was ok but this is really nice - I can find my hooks much easier and I don't end up playing pick up sticks with my crochet hooks when they have fallen out all over the floor as they were prone to do. ther is even room for my row markers and favourite needle (future developments will include space for scissors and other accoutrements).

It required a bit of improvisation as I did not understand the pattern for toffee at times and I am not sure it helped that I went wrong somewhere along the line making the pattern totally nonsensical! Anyways it all turned out nice in the end so i am off to plan what to make next with my newly organised hooks.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

... Rodriguez

Rodriguez is my first ever stray sock creature and it was love at first site with us. He was made especially for my friend Sandra who bought me a most wonderful book for my birthday called Stupid Sock Creatures . I love his lovely button eyes and his wavy scarf. Rodriguez is going to undoubtedly be the first of many sock creatures. For three reasons - he was lovely to make, he is adorable finished and now Sandra has leant me another sock creature book and I am fighting off the urge to shelve my current project to make more!

... an apple cozy

In the process of searching the crochet pattern database on the new website love of my life - Ravelry I came across this pattern and felt compelled to make Dan it for Christmas. While I am aware Dan will never use it, it was funny to us due to a long standing joke regarding fruit protection in one's work bag ......