Sunday, 18 May 2014

... a clever garden thing

Ok, so I have not blogged for over a year. Bad bad bad. Problem is I've hardly been able to make anything for the last year due to all the hand surgery fun I have been going through and seeings as how my blog is about things I have made and not where I moan about chronic pain, surgery & the general joy of hypermobility I was left a bit short of material.  

My left hand is now recovering slowly and my right hand is very pleased it is starting to feel better after last years surgery. What I have been doing is gardening. A lot. "What?" I hear you cry, chronic pain, surgery, gardening??? Surely that's not a good idea. Having finally mastered (most days) the fine art of pacing gardening is more than possible, in fact I truly believe almost anyone can garden on some level and the benefits are truly immense.

Some things are a bit beyond me though - like writing by hand which makes labelling your plants a challenge. So I made my label coding system. Very easy, write on the board what colour represents what variety and use that colour when sowing seeds. Easy, colourful, cheery, saves work and cheap, oh my it's a win win win win win.

Possibly my easiest make ever (bit of sanding on the edge of the wood offcut, sticking on the labels & talking nicely to someone to drill the holes) but one of my favourites and I am sure the lettuces have grown better this year!