Sunday, 12 December 2010

... Bebe the giraffe

Bebe the beautiful giraffe was made for a little girl who outstrips Bebe in the cute stakes by a mile and Bebe thinks she is pretty damned cute! She is the sister of Gilbert the giraffe who some of you may remember from last year - check out this post if you haven't met him before -

I know, I know, giraffes are not really blue and pink but if small children love them all the more for it who are we to argue?

... a pair of cups

These little beauties were made for a friend who has wanted a crocheted tea service for ages. I love making things for other people and am especially lucky to have friends who really appreciate it when I make them things - happy all round!

There is a possibility the cups might get added to soon but any more information than that and I would be giving too much away this near to Christmas.......