Wednesday, 30 December 2009

... Gilbert the Giraffe

I have not posted anything for ages, but for good reason. I realised mid November that everything I was making was for birthday / Christmas pressies so blogging them would have spoiled the surprise somewhat!!! So .... the next few posts are not quite in order as not all the gifts have been given yet - i will start with those that have!

This is Gilbert and he is a giraffe, all be it a blue one (I could not find any yellow wool I liked - I have realised i am quite fussy about what I like crocheting with). He was crocheted for Dan's Nephews for Christmas as they are giraffe mad. I had grand plans about making two, one for each Nephew but time dictated otherwise!

You can see more photos of Gilbert on my Flickr page - he has lovely Giraffe spots on his back which I was quite pleased with, they were not part of the original pattern and required some freeform crochet which I enjoyed. Gilbert is made from a pattern by the wonderful Roxycraft.


  1. i have to tell everyone gilbert is fabulous in real life. my boys love him!!

  2. I think he's fab, Alex would be jealous if he were to see him.