Friday, 6 November 2009

... a hot water bottle cover

As mentioned before I am a serial hoarder. I find it hard to throw most things away but this was especially true when years ago one of my favourite jumpers got accidentally shrunk in the wash. I loved the jumper and I loved the felty material that resulted from it's washing machine experience as well (after I had got over the trauma of losing a treasured piece of clothing).

This happened so many years ago I can't remember how many. And all this time I have carefully stored it fully intending to do something with it one day.

I decided some time ago that it would make a great hot water bottle cover but never quite got round to it. For some reason I decided to make it this week. Maybe it was the pattern for the lovely crochet circles I found in one of my craft books that inspired me. I am really pleased I got it finished. It is lovely and most importnatly means you don't get scalded by your hot water bottle.


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