Sunday, 5 May 2013

... Cyclists

As mentioned last year (blog post on 27th August) I have fallen for cycling. It turned out to be no summer romance and is turning into a long term relationship. I have just started watching the Giro d'Italia, the last major tour I have not seen yet and I am settled in for three weeks of spectacular sporting wonder.

Three weeks I hear you cry in concern for my possible sanity.  Well maybe I have a few other plans, alongside keeping my rapidly growing veg garden in check, I am mainly hoping to expand my collection of cycling embroideries.

So to start off the fun we have two new cyclists who can join Bradley (sorry, Sir Bradley) to make up the start of the cycling wall of wonder in our front room. They will be joined by others soon, probably something to celebrate Mark Cavendish's spectacular first stage sprint to take the maglia rosa (it means he's winning), (designed by Paul Smith this year) and then some to celebrate the range of colour wonder that are cycling jerseys and the crazy feats of human endurance they give them out for.