Sunday, 6 June 2010

... cakes

The only problem I have found with making crocheted cakes is that it makes you want to eat cake all the time. Which makes crochet potentially an unhealthy activity!

These were made for 2 reasons -

1) my friend Nicky gave me a beautiful knitted cake as a gift which i loved and it made me want to make crochet cake

2) I needed to occupy my head with something that would take my mind of my impending Ofsted inspection. I know, I know, crocheting cakes is not everyone's first choice of relaxation activity but it worked for me. I can't think about other things when I am counting stitches!

These were made from patterns by Norma Lynn - She really knows how to crochet cakes!

... Sanchez

Sanchez is a proud Luche Libre (Mexican Wrestler) and brother to Rodriguez. Sanchez himself was made just after Rodrigeuez but he did not get his natty Lucha Libre grab until recently. It was another one of those 'I know what I want to make but I just don't seem to get round to it' jobs. There was obviously something about getting back into making things after hurting my thumb that made me what to clear my head of all those unfinished jobs. Anyways I got a cold, couldn't move and made all the bits one day.

Sanchez recently visited his brother Rodriguez and below you can see them posing together for a family snapshot.

...easter treats

These cute little fellas were made as Easter gifts for Dan's nephews who are both serious cuties themselves. Dan has 3 nephews but as the youngest had only just been born when I made these he was probably not quite ready for the cream eggs that are hidden in each one (and I had left it a bit late to get 3 made).

... lavender bags

Well, it has been a long gap between posts......

I had some time off as I managed to chop the end off my right thumb which, it turns out, makes it hard to do, well, almost anything - especially crochet! Once my thumb was better I got started again by making these lovely Lavender bags for my Mum. I have been planning on making these for ages - you know, one of those ideas which you keep meaning to do but you don't quite get round to.

Anyway, finally it came out of my head and into the real world and I was really pleased with them and I think my Mum was too. They are filled with home grown lavender and hopefully will make all they are near smell lovely!

So I made these in March and have only just got round to posting them up - very shoddy blogging. More things I have made and failed to blog in a timely manner coming up soon.