Tuesday, 2 October 2012

... a lady eating cake

This lady likes cake (as opposed to my earlier lady who likes pie). 

One of the things I was a bit worried about when I started to make a lot more craft was that I would get a bit 'bored' of doing it all the time.  I have, what can only be described as a bitch of a cold at the moment, (my partner works at the local uni so it is undoubtedly a bout of freshers flu as the students started back recently - thanks kids) and it has knocked out my ability to do almost anything (this blog post is sponsored by vitamin C, paracetamol and sudafed). 

This means no craft.  And I am missing it - badly.  My fingers are bored stiff.  Can't wait till I can focus my mind and eyes enough to coordinate my fingers again to the required level to sew nicely (also does not seem nice to be sneezing all over things I intend to sell!).

So as I can't make anything at the moment I thought I would show you all something I made a little while ago.  Fingers crossed (if you can coordinate yours) that my hands are able to start doing what they love again very soon.

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