Thursday, 17 September 2009

...a footstool

This make might not look all that exciting on first glance but I am very pleased with it!

Because I have rather short legs they often don't reach the floor when I am sitting on chairs designed for you 'normal sized' people, my lovely new(ish) sofa being no exception. So I needed a footstool.

The nice thing about this one is most of it is made out of the old sofa. I am almost incapable of throwing anything out which is sometimes a problem and sometimes pays off. Almost everything on this footstool was recycled from the sofa or was given to me for free (even the cotton it is sewn with came free with my new machine!). I reckon the whole thing cost me under £2 which can't be bad!


  1. this is fab better than my bloomin bean bag cube things that mishape all the time x

  2. that's great that is. Just the perfect size and height.