Wednesday, 23 March 2011

... Birdy

March is a bit of a crazy month for us present wise.  My Mum and Dad have their birthday's 10 day apart and our newest nephew Zach is at the end of March (4 days after my Dad).  When you add that Mother's day is usually in March as well, that is quite a few cards to make and presents to source.  If you are making gifts it becomes a real project production line with more deadlines than a hobby should really have.  But I do love making things for people so I am definitely not complaining!

Here is the latest of my March makes.. Birdy.  Zach is one today and I really wanted to make him something as his two older brothers both have things I have made but he does not yet.  Zach is a super cutie and so is Birdy, I hope they will get on great.

3 birthdays sorted, two Mothers day cards and gifts to go.....

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