Sunday, 20 March 2011

... a Jelly baby

My Dad loves Jelly babies.  As he (like most Men) is a bit tough to buy pressies for he nearly always gets a bag of Jelly babies from me for his birthday or Christmas, it has become a sort of family tradition.

I had no idea what else to get him this year and was bemoaning how hard it is to make things for him - I always feel a bit guilty that I make my Mum loads of stuff and don't make him anything apart from his card.  Thing is, he is not really a crochet basket or lavender bag kind of man!

I am experimenting with creating patterns for small figures at the moment and realised my pattern experimentations could be be made into a Jelly baby - here it is.  I am particularly pleased as it is another step away from needing to rely on the patterns of others and anyways being able to make your own up is much more fun!  It might not be as tasty as the real thing and might be a bit of  a weird pressie for a man in his seventies.  But hey, I'm a bit weird.

1 comment:

  1. would love to have a goo at this one if you have written the pattern down?
    He's so cute and if you make one of each colour it will keep you in Dad presents for a few years yet!