Sunday, 8 January 2012

... sewing machine cover

After a December of making things for other people January is always about making things for me.  I had a bit of a sort out of my job box over Christmas and found this lurking in it.  Now to say I made all of this recently would be a terrible lie but it had sat in the box for ages because i just could not get round to hand stitching the purple binding on the sides.

It seemed like the perfect job for over Christmas so I hunkered down in the front room with good tele on and got it sewed.  Hurrah - now my sewing machine has a lovely cover so it won't keep getting dusty and my job box hs one less thing in it, win - win.

Just as a note this is another one of those wonderful 'free apart from the electricity' projects.  The fabric for the outer and the lining (oh yes, it's lined!) was given to me, the fabric for the patchwork detail are scraps from other jobs (I save even the tiniest bit of fabric), the thread came with the machine and the binding fabric is a bit I cut off a top of mine I shortened (I told you i saved everything!!!)

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  1. Very smart and extremely cost efficient!!!!!!!
    I like it very much