Sunday, 15 January 2012

...upcycled bags

We needed some new shopping bags and I was mulling over what to make them with.  At the same time I was sorting through a pile of old clothes ond other things and thought it might be quite cool to try and get some new bags for free from the old clothes I had.  I proceeded to chop and resew stuff to get four new shopping bags all for the price of the electricity my sewing machine takes.

Clockwise round from top left:-

White bag - made from some trousers I got very very cheap in a sale but never wore as everyone knows me and white clothing is not a good mix + a bit of trim of my ribbons and trim box which just keeps on giving.

Red bag - born of a pair of red shorts that I wore but never really liked.  My legs are not really designed for shorts.  The term caterpillar knees was regularly used to describe my legs when I was little.

Grey bag - made from an old umbrella.

Blue bag - Made from an old pair of trousers which i wore a lot and loved but in reality they are never going to fit me again.

Off to the shops ....

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