Sunday, 8 April 2012

... eggmen egg cosies

I wanted to make cool easter egg cosies for Dan's Nephews to hold a little easter treat for them.  I devised the shape I wanted to make and decided to hinge them so they could be pulled open to reveal their easter treats.  The first one I made was going to be a chicken (eggs, chickens, seemed an obvious connection to me) which should have been a great idea.  Sadly it turned out to be a scary monster like chicken concoction which would be more likely to terrify a small child that enhance Easter bon homie.

Unfortunately, no photos exist of the chicken monster as the world is not ready for that kind of terror.  These little fellas were the next and if I do say so myself considerably more succesful incarnations.  Hopefully they are the precursor to other creative outpourings, I have not made any crocheted creatures for ages and really enjoyed doing these.  Not for a little while though - my latest project, Monster Magic is beckoning, more to follow soon......

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