Sunday, 29 April 2012

... hairy eggman

This hairy little fella is the next in what will probably be a series of eggmen.  I made him today as I am feeling like death with an evil cold with aches and pains everywhere and needed something to take my mind off it.  I want to use the eggmen to try out some ideas I have about creating little creatures ready for some patterns I would like to publish in the future and also (and why I started making them in the first place) because it is part of a tester for something I can't wait to make but can't talk about here as it is a birthday present for someone who will be celebrating later this year.

I have a nice track reord of making slightly whacky things when ill although hairy man here doesn't hold a candle to the strangeness of one of the earlyest things I made when I was drugged up after having my nose rebroken.  Never seen by the world before (for good reason) is the 'Freakazoo'.....

Oh dear!

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