Saturday, 12 January 2013

... more Croc liners

So it came to pass that I really really needed to sort out my craft area. My normal method of sorting my space out usually ends up with everything in neat piles but sadly the same amount of stuff is still there (too much stuff bay far). But not this time. This time I have decided to tidy my space up by actually doing the jobs in the various piles not just rearranging them so they look better. Revolutionary I know!

Brace yourself for a raft of upcoming posts that are finishing off projects. I am going to feel GOOD after this little episode is over.

Completed project number 1 is a reworking of the Croc socks that I made a couple of years ago which were a great success. This time I changed the pattern somewhat to meet with feedback received on the first pair which meant there was some fun freeform crochet moments (I.e. I made it up as I went along). But despite the need to bodge them a little they have turned out a treat and just in time for the upcoming snowy conditions.

Right onto the next thing in the pile...

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  1. Do you have a pattern somewhere for this? I live in Canada and I wear my crocs around the house all the time and even with socks on my feet freeze when it's really cold. I crochet better than I knit and these liners look great. Thanks, Linda S.