Saturday, 1 January 2011

... cat toys

These nifty little things are cat toys made from jute string and laced with catnip a herb which the packet tells me will drive cats wild. I am not sure if the friend I made these for wants her cats driving wild but that is what she is facing!

This is both the first post of the new year and the first post of my Christmas makes. I wanted to make a sort of new years resolution (well I sort of made it to myself in November, making it a new birthday year resolution I suppose) that I would try to post things as I finish them, I got a bit behind in 2010 and did some things late and didn't get round to posting some things at all.

Anyways armed with my resolution I ran into the obstacle of Christmas where actually you can't post anything you finish as it would be a bit of a giveaway. To make matters worse the weather then scuppered a variety of plans and as a result some people don't have their presents yet. Present and blogging chaos! My well meaning aim of making my blogging life simpler has gone down the pan and I am not sure I will be back on track until the end of January ........ oh well, I was never much good a resolutions anyway.

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