Sunday, 9 January 2011

...Croc Socks

Fact #1 - Dan is very attached to his Crocs.
Fact #2 - Dan gets cold feet.

These two pieces of fact are indeed interrelated. Dan's Crocs make a big difference to how cold his feet get and so he wears them ALL the time. However the weather has been super cold recently and we have floorboards so frostbite on the toes is a real possibility at this time of year even with Crocs!

I saw this clever idea of making wooly liners for Crocs on my favourite crochet pattern site Ravelry and putting all the above facts together decided this would be a good Christmas pressie for Dan. Little did I realise my one key mistake was ignoring fact #1. Dan never takes his Crocs off unless he is in bed or at work and as I am in bed and at work at the same time getting hold of his crocs to measure them and check to see if the Croc Socks fitted was a bit of a nightmare. Luckily (well sort of) I was off work poorly and was able to get my hands on them while he was at work.

These were one of my closest calls as last minute Christmas gifts go - they were finished at about 5pm on Christmas Eve!!

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