Sunday, 24 April 2011

...a needlecase

Some things you plan to make, some things just happen.  One of the best things about being on annual leave (which I have been for the last week) is that there is time to grab hold of those moments where you think "oooh, that's a good ideas. I'd like to make that..." and actually do it, not just think about it and then realise you have something else more practical to attend to.

This was born of one of those moments.  It was Earth Day on Friday and one of my favourite websites Burda Style challenged it's members to make something small from all those left over scraps of fabric that most sewers have.  As admitted previously I cannot throw anything away which in this case is a good thing as it means I have some lovely scraps of fabric left over ready for these moments!  Everything on here is leftovers from something else or free cotton I was given so no cost.  I know, I know, Earth Day and all that and I have machine sewn some of it.  What can I say - my hands ain't up to hand sewing the whole thing and I did quite a bit of it by hand! So in reality a bit of cost (both financially and ecologically) for the time on the machine. 

I have thought about (but never actually got round to) making a needlecase for ages as I am lacking anywhere for needles and pins etc when I am working downstairs.  Like most people who undertake craft involving pins and needles the odd one goes astray (or two or three).  My partner is suprisingly tolerant of this but nevertheless it doesn't hurt to try to keep better tabs on the sharp little things.  Having read the article about Earth Day I was inspired to get sewing and now I have a needlecase.  Hooray.

(Also may have been an attractive project to make as the other thing I am working on is a duvet cover which is massive and I quite fancied sewing something that was not 4 times my size!)

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  1. It is Wonderful it is slmost a shame to stick pins and needles in it!!! love Mum