Monday, 25 April 2011

...a purple stripy quilt cover (and pillows)

This is one of those jobs that I thought would never be finished.  For such a simple project it has been a bit of an epic but all done now and looking mighty fine.

You would have every right to ask why the heck make a quilt cover and pillows when you can buy perfectly good ones for not too much money.  Well, this quilt cover is all to do with fabric weakness. 

The cover and pillows are actually made from other quilt covers that were not the right size but I found on sale (seriouslty reduced) one day and just fell in love with the fabric.  I knew it would look stunning in our purple bedroom.  So a seemingly simple task followed of remaking them.  Not so!  They sought to challenge me in many and various ways and therefore continually got left as I found myself getting frustrated with them.

However now they are done and looking lovely the pain of making them is fast melting away and will soon be forgotten.  I have a lovely quilt cover, 3 sets of pillow cases nd some fabric spare for a future quilting project I have brewing in the back of my sewing brain. 

Just for the record I have learnt one important lesson from this project.  I am never, ever, ever sewing those damned poppers on anything ever again.  They are truly evil.

(this does leave me however with an issue - I hate sewing in zips, I can't abide making button holes and now I hate poppers too - I am fast running out of fixings available that i can tollerate sewing.  Could be a problem!)

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