Monday, 18 April 2011

...Orange Lavender Bags

It is amazing how often you make something for someone else and don't get round to making things you want for yourself.  I have wanted lavender bags for ages for the bedding which lives in boxes under the bed.  Despite growing lavender each year and having numerous ways at my disposal to make the bags I have never got round to it. 

I have no real idea what made me make them this way but I suppose like many ideas it just sort of grew.  I wanted to crochet more things with the thinner cotton that I refound when making the bookmarks and have fancied making some square motifs from one of my books for ages.  Put the two things togther and we are half way there.  All that was left was to choose some fabric to set them it.  Easy.  When it comes to choosing fabric I will always go for orange if it is available!

It seemed nice for the lavender bags to have vents to let more of the lovely lavendery smell out.  A lot of smell there is too which is impressive as the lavender has been drying out in the shed since last summer!

So now I have 5 bright lovely smelling bags and next time I change my bed it will smell gorgeous.  Delighted!

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  1. These are so lovely! I absolutely adore your design!