Monday, 27 August 2012

... Bradley Wiggins

Well an embroidery of Bradley Wiggins anyway - I would be super proud if I had made the real thing!

Thing is, I love sport.  Not one sport.  All Sport (well maybe there are a few things I wouldn't watch).  I used to love playing sport and now I can't I adore watching it.  Bar all the usual stuff (rugby, football, snooker, cricket, multiple motor sports etc) I have reveled in the woodwork world championships, marvelled at Jack Russell racing, got up in the middle of then night to watch olympic performances, stayed up ridiculously late to watch my beloved Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl, spent whole weekends watching sports and recently spent two weeks solid watching the wonderous olympics (seriously - two weeks solid).  But I had never really got into road cycling.  Obviously being British I adore track cycling (we win a lot) but had never really tried out the wonders of the road race.

I had cause recently to see quite a lot of the Tour de France (the second half where wse all reveled in Bradley Wiggins & Team Sky whupping everyone) and then was locked into the Olympic cycling like the rest of the country.  I can't ride a bike to save my life but I adored watching the amazing, complicated, tactical and physical performances required to suceed at this demanding sport - inspiring.  Now I am loving the Vuelta (the tour of Spain) have sat through terrible coverage of the American Pro Cycling and watched a couple of other races too.  I am hooked!

Yes, unashamedly, I started loving it cause Bradley did well (hence my tribute in fabric and thread) but it has gone beyond that.  It is great sport, fascinating tactically, full of superhuman endeavour and absolutely beautiful to watch.  For someone who loves  colour and the outdoors there are the fantastic colours and forms of the riders in the peloton (officially my new favourite word) and the glorious scenery.  As a bonus it is also great to have on when I am making.

This piece is staying with us at home for our own personal shrine but it is also a test piece for a cycling based series I am planning on making - more soon. 

Fingers crossed everyone for the Tour of Britain (9th - 16th Sept) - see website for more info  - can't wait.

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