Wednesday, 1 August 2012

... Magical Monsters

Some time ago I let on that had a project on the go involving monsters.  Between then and eggmen, beardy egg men, bunting, football hats, kneelers and a whole load of other stuff I have made but not blogged I have been working on these fellas.

The idea behind Monster Magic was that I sent Dan's nephew's a 'Monster Magic' pack and encouraged them to design some monsters for me - who better to design monsters than kids? I would then turn those drawings into real toys for them.  Super cool.

Below are the incredibly brilliant drawings they sent me and my soft and friendly interpretations of them.  The smiles in the photo I have seen of the boys with their monsters makes me think I did an ok job :)

See what I mean?  I could never ever have designed anything this cool!  They were such fun to make I am hoping to be able to do more soon as part of a plan I am hatching to sell more fo my work.  Sadly I can't call my idea Monster Magic as someone has already nicked that name (damn them). 

There is some kind of lovely hand made prize is on offer for anyone who can come up with a better name that no one else has bagged yet.  Thinking caps on and watch this space!

Here they are, one more time....

If any of you have kids and would like drawings made up get in touch.  I can't wait to gte more amazing inspiration in the post......