Friday, 24 August 2012

... a potting bench

Something a little different today on the making scale, my new potting bench.  I can assure you this is real woodwork - not crocheted, embroidered or constructed from fabric in any way!

This is another 'miriacle of leftovers' project where seeming scrap that is clogging up your life (in this case the shed) gets turned into something distinctly more wonderful and useful that rather than clogging up your life, in fact, enhances it.

I love gardening, particularly veg gardening but it really takes it toll on my less than robust back and knees so we have been on a making it easier to garden campaign for some time now.  I have wanted a potting bench for ages as I end up doing a lot of potting up on the floor (hence the complaints from my back and knees).

I have looked round for some time for a bench I liked to buy and there seemed to predominately be two choices.  Cheap and rubbish or expensive and swish.  I refuse to buy cheap and rubbish and I can't afford expensive and swish.  The will we, won't we debate about whether to make on has gone on for some months.

Anyways as I am not currently working the debate is over - make it!  Especially when you work out all those leftover bits of wood that you trip over every time you go into the shed add up to a simple, robust and very lovely potting bench.

Thanks to Dan for doing the cutting for me thereby leaving me a bit of shoulder function for today.  My bust shoulder didn't think much to the drilling and construction workbut on the upside this means I now have very cool looking (thanks to the Olympics for making strapping trendy) blue and black magic shoulder strapping which has amazingly made my shoulder stop hurting.

I am truly blessed - a free potting bench and a shoulder that looks cool and doesn't hurt.  Result!

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  1. We like your potting bench it will make your potting much more comfortable and what's more you have made room in the shed!!!!!!